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which is the best free anti virus system?

can anyone tell me which free anti virus system is best and where to download them at?

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8 Responses to “which is the best free anti virus system?”

  1. darkeSoft said :

    AVG is the one I use. Bit Defender is also good. You can download AVG at and bit defender at .

  2. Peter B said :

    I have 2 favorites, AVG and Avast. I like Avast because it gives an option for a boot time scan, and I like AVG because it works just as well without being as annoying. When avast updates, it tells you. And sometimes it scares the crap outta me when its quiet and the speakers are turned up, but it works great.



  3. Sly_Old_Mole said :
  4. brina said :

    This thing works SO good. It takes about 2 hours to finish but when you are done your computer will be virus Free and running faster then ever. I love it, and everyone who I get to use It loves it.

  5. Bob said :


  6. friendsofshekar said :

    From my personal experience I can tell you this:

    Avast is the best.
    + Thorough Scanning 95% detection Rate, Check every program executed and downloaded.
    – Extensive use of System Resources, Slow Scan.
    Kaspersky is second.
    + fast scanning, 90 % detection Rate, uses low resources, updates every hour automatically
    – hard to get corporate/commercial version, keys don’t always work.
    Nod32 is third.
    + Fastest scan, minimal resources,
    – poor update, some report of system failure after installing.
    Use Avast and Malwarebyte’s AntiMalware for optimal security. There is nothing better than these two combined to give stability of system and peace of mind. They are sure to make you forget what trojans, worms and all info stealers you have always been worried about. One more thing…use firefox. The browser is the fast and addresses security issues effectively.

    Hope the info help….

  7. Oismoi said :

    AVG is the best for me.

    Get AVG:

  8. Person said :

    Do not get AVG! It is terrible compared to avast or avira. Avira Antivir is the best with 99% detection rate compared to 85% of AVG. DO NOT GET AVG!


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