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What are some free anti virus removal downloads?

I’m looking for a free download that will scan and remove my threats and whatever else. I have already used my Norton 15 day trial and need something else because I have a virus! Help please!

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8 Responses to “What are some free anti virus removal downloads?”

  1. t3po7re5 said :

    DON”T USE NORTON! The best is ESET or commonly known as Nod32. They have a free trial but if you want completely free I would go with AVG with windows firewall.

  2. xxdarkdarlingxx said :

    try Avast,
    it’s a free anti virus program that will scan and remove viruses for you.

  3. arouge1786 said :

    There are a few choices when it comes to security, mainly in the AntiVirus department. Some very good, free anti-viruses available to download are:

    1) AVG AntiVirus v8.5. Easiest interface to use, very fast scanning and doesn’t lag your computer at all. Only has a 76% detection rate, but catches the most harmful of viruses. If you’re a normal home user, you’re not in too much danger of higher level viruses and this is the AV for you:

    2) Avast! v4.8 AntiVirus. Smaller, sleeker skin, average scanning speed, but reports alot of safe files as viruses, so you might need to watch out for that. 78% detection rate, but alot more complicated than most other free AVs. Use this if you are handy with a computer and you know what needs to be scanned:

    3) Avira AntiVirus v9. Simple layout, which even the most basic of users can navigate. Incredibly fast scanning, with a 90% detection rate. Not as easy on the eyes as other AVs, and you need to know what you’re doing to get the more advanced features, but it is definite a candidate:
    Personally I use AVG, but only because I go for the easier interface. If you are paranoid about viruses then the only real option is Avira. But if you just want normal protection, then any of the three will do it for you.

    For any spyware problems, get SpyBot – Search and Destroy:

    For protecting your computer for malware or tracking cookies, use Ad-Aware Free Edition v8:

    Firewalls are a bit easier, and the best free one that’s available is Comodo Firewall:

    All of them are free, as powerful as paid programs, like McAfee and Norton (which only has an 18% detection rate!), and don’t use up as many resources.
    Just boot into Safe Mode (Press F8 when turning on the computer) and run full scans.

    Hope that helps~

  4. Ed said :

    There are two that I like… and If either site isn’t right, google it. They’re both free and seem to work. Good luck!

  5. 'clowN' said :

    here are three of the best in my opinion, Avira AntiVir free edition,which is very light on system resources, quick scan times, and updates daily, superantispyware free edition great at finding trojans and even some rogue programs and you can also enable home page protection with it, and ,malwarebytes free edition with these three you should be fairly well protected, you cant go wrong for free.

  6. blackbag4795209 said :

    Norton is not free. I’ve tried Avast before and it seemed fairly simple and easy to use and actually caught something. Another free program I’ve used (and still use) is called Spybot Search and Destroy.

    Here’s what you need to do: Go to Then enter “anti virus” and pick what you like the most. Usually whatever got more stars from an editor’s review would be the best. Most importantly, is that guarantees that everything you download from them is without any bugs or viruses and will tell you if it’s 100 percent free or not.

    My personal choice would be either Avast or Spybot. They’re both easy to use and free and work pretty well and update themselves automatically.

  7. gamepro128 said :

    This is the #1, and comes with a great firewall (Free)
    OH and FYI Norton not crapware, do you call a antivirus that uses 8MB of RAM and basically 0% CPU with 0 impact on your performance CRAPWARE? I THINK NOT!

  8. Hithere said :

    I encourage you to get a commercial anti-spyware program because they have real time protection that will help prevent getting spyware/adware in the first

    place. I have used Webroot Spy Sweeper for three years now and have been very pleased and well protected by it. It has an excellent scanner as well. Look at

    this review website: Of course I encourage you to do your own research as well but I really like this website because not only does it evaluate the software it breaks it down into parts and rates each part.


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