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When downloading a free anti virus online, Do I need to uninstall my previous anti virus before downloading?

Or is it ok to download first the free software, then uninstall the previous one.

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10 Responses to “When downloading a free anti virus online, Do I need to uninstall my previous anti virus before downloading?”

  1. Goffik said :

    Doesn’t matter either way. Just dont have both active at the same time.

  2. Savan K said :

    i dont suggest free ativirus

  3. Brandon P said :

    I’ll second the first answer.

  4. abdus91 said :

    Not necessarily before downloading, but you should definitely uninstall your previous anti virus before installing the new one

  5. conehead said :

    Not before downloading, but before installing. Please pick something good. And get antispyware too.

  6. Jolly said :

    Download the new anti-virus program installer and save it to a folder you’ll remember. Now log off the internet. Then uninstall the old anti-virus program, and then install the new one. Just don’t have two anti-virus programs running at the same time.

  7. Jerzee Devil said :

    not before downloading but definitely before installing

  8. Ben said :

    I don’t agree with “don’t use a free anti-virus” statement. That sounds like something someone who is happy paying the overinflated prices for software and hasn’t tried a free one.

    A lot of anti-virus software recommends you uninstall the current one on your computer. If you don’t it could cause conflicts.

    However remember that if you are going to uninstall the first one, disconnect from the internet while doing this. Do not connect back to the internet until your new software is installed and working properly. (you will have to tell it not to check for updates during the install process). This will keep you safe when you momentarily have no protection. It only takes a sec, I wouldn’t chance it though personally.

    If you are downloading the new software, don’t go through with the auto install. Download it cancel the install. And after disconnecting the internet and removing the old software, find the folder that the new software downloaded to and click your way through installing the new software.

    This is probably about the best anti-virus protection you will be able to get for free and not be breaking the law in the process. I have used it with no problems and is a good way to avoid paying too much for software that does not = it’s price.

    This is the free version. If you want all the bells and whistles (which you don’t really need and will slow down your computer anyway) you will have to pay.

    Best of luck

  9. bob and dolly k said :

    you might have to uninstall the old one before you can download the new one. i have avg 7.5 free edition. avg won’t let me download the new version until i delete the old one. and you don’t need two programs anyway. they will probally interfear with each other and slow your computer down. i have more than one spyware prog and that works o k
    i don’t think you can run them both at the same time though.

  10. Matthews said :

    Before downloading a free anti-virus you need to uninstall the previous version otherwise you system will crash, and using a free antivirus is not all safe, buy a licensed version and use it.

  11. susan potter said :

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