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Are the Free Anti Virus Programs Reliable?

Are the free anti virus programs reliable and can you recommend the best one ? Also, can you get free firewall protection ?

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4 Responses to “Are the Free Anti Virus Programs Reliable?”

  1. jonah d said:

    yes. i reckmond avgfree 7.5 for viruses i am using itrite now
    you can download it at

  2. Zairja T said:

    Yes the are very reliable….

    You can try the following:
    AVG Free Antivirus
    AVG Free Spyware
    Zone Alarm Person Firewall.

    These apps will take care of majority of the problems w.r.t Virus, trojans, adwares, malwares etc.

    However, you still need to be careful when u download exec from sites which are not reliable 😉

  3. help me said:

    AVG gives a good anti-virus.

  4. Edsel A said:

    not all ……………..

    please make sure that it is the source is also free……..
    then it is reliable……..


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