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Will avg anti virus free edition erase the viruses that area already on my computer?

i need a anti virus program and i wass looking into this free avg antivrus one..its free….will this also get rid of the threats and viruses that are already on my comp?
what will delete the viruses and protect my computer for free?

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4 Responses to “Will avg anti virus free edition erase the viruses that area already on my computer?”

  1. Trailerpark Pirate said :

    AVG is a turd! Worthless )~8

    Quick Malware Removal for XP
    PLAN A
    Use TrendMicro’s online scanner:

    PLAN B (Note) This is a much better plan but it takes longer?
    1.Go to Start -> Run -> Type msconfig -> Ok -> Go in BOOT.INI tab and tick both “Safe boot” and to the right of that “Networking” and hit Apply and Close.(It will boot in “Safe with networking mode” Choose Administrator)

    2.While in “Safe with networking mode” download Malwarebytes.

    (Note)If you already have Malwarebytes installed and it won’t run go in it’s program file and rt click on the red mbam app and rename it mbam.bat then rt click and choose send to-> Desktop (create shortcut) now close out of everything and go to your desk top and use that app to launch M-Bam for now on.

    3.Right click on the mbam setup app you downloaded and rename it xxxx then Dbl click on it and install and update it and run a full scan and delete/quarantine all entities it finds and restart if it asks? (Note) If it won’t update use this link to download and install the latest rules:

    4.Go to Start,Run,type msconfig and hit ok.Go in BOOT.INI tab and untick Safe Boot and then go in the Startup tab and (uncheck) all programs (not) needed at startup (Only check programs you want running all the time like antivirus,IM,etc)”Lesser is better in this case” and hit apply,close,restart.
    Your computer will boot normally and on your desktop a window will popup,check “Don’t show this message” box and hit ok and your done (~8

    (Note)Check here for info’s on startup programs
    (How to video)

    5.Download Superantispyware,install,update,and run a full scan and
    delete/quarantine all entities it finds.

    1.(Comodo Internet Security)
    Comodo has put out a great free all in one security suite that’s really sweet!
    I’ve tryed all of the major programs paid and free and this one is right up there with the best! It works great right out of the box and has everything you need to protect your computer and private files plus lots of extras like parental control,DNS service,and many more.It’s also pretty lite on the resources.
    (Free Tools)

    2. (PcTools Internet Security)
    PcTools Internet Security is another great all in one suite that has everything you need to stay safe although not as many features as Comodo this one is a (paid) program but I found a way to get it free legally at this site.

    If you need more battle plans
    drop me an email by clicking
    on my name under my avatar?

    Stay Safe Out There (^.^)

  2. Lex Luthor said :

    Please, Do not download AVG. If you do you will be back here in no time begging for help with your infected computer. Get Avira. 100% better than AVG. Get a firewall to Comodo.

    By the way, The time for a good AV is before you get infected. Not after. Once infected a lot of viruses and Mal ware will block any attempt at removal. That’s when you have to get the big gun. Combo fix.

    Another thing, For the most part AVG doesn’t delete anything. It just “points” at it and then runs and hides.

  3. heebus_jeebus said :

    “Will avg anti virus free edition erase the viruses that area already on my computer?”

    Hehe, not very well! LOL

    AVG is the worst of the free AVs. It is popular with n00bs because it’s popular. (Like those people who are famous for being famous.)


    To remove what malware may already be on your system, download, update and run a quick scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and a full scan with Superantispyware.

    > Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
    > Superantispyware:

    And the first chance you get, uninstall AVG and replace it with Avast. (Never run two antivirus together).

    > Avast v4.8 Home Edition:

    * Trailerpark Pirate,
    Please stop with the unnecessary question marks ?

  4. Gary said :

    PC World recently tested free anti-viruses. Here’s the results:



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