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will it be ok to install AVG free anti virus on my laptop already having Microsoft Security essentials?

I learned that it is not good have two anti-virus on the same laptop because they will clash. I don’t know if Microsoft security essentials is an anti-virus?

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8 Responses to “will it be ok to install AVG free anti virus on my laptop already having Microsoft Security essentials?”

  1. thinker_miller said :

    yes microsoft sec essentials is an antivirus… so no, its not ok to install avg on your laptop

  2. Bill M. said :

    Forget AVG. The free version of AVG does not have anti-rootkit protection and is weak against spyware.

    Read the posts of AVG users who got infected by these:
    Security Master AV —
    Trojan horse —
    Defense Center —
    Antivir Solution Pro —

    These cases are from real people and not fabricated. Better stick with MSE. It’s far better even than the paid versions of AVG or Avast. Here’s the proof:

    MSE is the only free AV program that got a 3 start rating from that independent AV tester.

    And yes you shouldn’t have more than one AV at a time. However, you may have 2 or more antispyware to supplement your AV. Get the free versions of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and/or SuperAntiSpyware:

    These two are superb in catching spyware. Their paid versions offer realtime scanning and blocking of malicious sites.

  3. Abo Hmed said :

    my advice is no cuz Microsoft Security essentials is better 100 times than AVG free anti virus
    the free versions of anti virus cannot detect all viruses

  4. Dylan said :

    I think you can but I wouldn’t. I would get ONE good anti-virus like Avast Pro or even Avast Internet security. It has anti-rootkit, a firewall, sandbox, behavior shield and more that AVG doesn’t have. MSE is good but Avast is still better.

  5. jcbloodisnewlife said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a anti-virus software program and it wouldn’t be good to run both AVG and MSE together.

    With that said, I’ve have not tried MSE but have heard that it is a good anti-virus program and it also works well with windows defender which is probably already install on your laptop too. If you have it already installed (MSE), I would leave it and just make sure its up-to-date. In any case if your not happy with MSE just uninstall it and install AVG.
    Here is a site you can go to to read more about MSE:

    Hopes this helps!

  6. Eric red said :

    no its a bad security essentials is antivirus/antispyware.if you want crap avg sucks then delete mse.better yet just keep microsoft security essentials and screw sucks.

  7. Dan said :

    Even though you may not have problems at first when the programs get their updates they always have a potential to clash.
    Stick with Security Essentials. It is an anti-virus and has everything you need. Microsoft has found that it is cheaper for them to put out their own free security software because it cuts down on the hours they have to spend fixing peoples computers when they call in with a problem that was caused by a virus or malware. They have a financial interest in making sure that it works well.

  8. denise larson said :

    do ineed to remove norton before i install another virus proctector its only got two left.


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