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How can I get free Anti-Virus for my computer?

What is the best free anti-virus out there?
& is it true that at&t internet users are able to receive free anti-virus through at&t?

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14 Responses to “How can I get free Anti-Virus for my computer?”

  1. GG said:
  2. The Beast said:

  3. jerry r said:

    you can get avast anti virus from
    everything on nonags has been checked and is virus free.

  4. Lord Percy said:

    AVG is good and free

  5. Jaden Yuki said:

    Best anti virus..Avira

    The quesion of your answer is..Don’t be lazy and search !

  6. Bill M said:

    Do what alot of people do . go to the search engine search window and type in < free+anti-virus+download >

  7. Michael B said:

    If you have at&t internet, you get mcafee security free, it includes
    anti-virus and firewall.


  8. REDMAN said:

    These AV`s are all free and good. I prefer AVG, been using it for 3 years with no problem.

    You also could use some good anti spyware;

    You should also download 1 of these programs to warn you of risky websites.

    For a good cleaner use this.
    Online scanner: very good..

  9. Blah45 said:

    Avira Anti-Virus

  10. R A said:
    since no one answered your other question about at&t.
    they are getting AVG 8.0.
    You should download that along with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    your IP has built in phising spam to a point..
    Good luck

  11. Tarogasini said:

    How ? Well you need 3 things :

    ♣ Working internet connection
    ♣ Internet browser installed ( Firefox, IE, Opera… )
    ♣ You have to visit one of the websites that are offering you free download of software

    Let me describe you those 3 anti-viruses.

    1. AVG is useless and used only by retards. Its a “install and forget” program that does only basic protection and nothing more. It is unable to remove medium-high risk worms and viruses. I wouldnt advise it to anyone.

    2. Avast! Home is decent antivirus. It has many functions, 3 levels of protection and serves much better than AVG. However : it detects a lot of false-positives, so much that user with no knowledge about it, CANNOT handle it and will often delete files that werent harmless at all. Besides, its awfully complicated.

    3. Among all 3, Avira detects and removes most known threats and viruses. It scored high on the tests, its simple to use and able to remove stronger viruses, including those hiding in boot sectors of hard drives. I`d certainly recommend you to use Avira.

    I made a full review on how to configure it, here :

    Hope it helped.

    If you would like to know more about computer security, feel free to visit :

  12. Jessica Queller said:

    It’s better to stop thinking “antivirus” programs will protect you.

    Instead you should:

    1. Set up and use almost exclusively a limited user account.

    2. Google the phrase “social engineering” and read the first five results.

    3. Install Windows updates automatically.

    4. Use Firefox with the NoScript extension.

    5. Turn off autorun in Windows:

    6. Do not install or run “antivirus” software. It doesn’t actually protect you, it uses up system resources, and it makes you unnecessarily paranoid.

  13. chris M said:

    I don’t know about free anti-virus of At&t users. But I do have a blog that lists all types of FREE Software including FREE anti-virus software give it a look and see what options are available to you.

    Also check out my guide on how to make your computer faster.

  14. PBJ_Thief said:

    I’m sure At&T would provide you with free anti-virus software, but I strongly recommend you use a different software. Personally, I use AVG Anti-Virus. It has a basic edition that is totally free that works extremely well. If I were you, AVG would be the best option I would choose.

    Download AVG now, before it’s too late…


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