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What upgrading my internet speed with my internet provider also increase my current wireless as well?

I have 2mb cable broadband with Virgin Media with wireless around the house, i’m wondering if i upgrade to 10mb will my wireless internet speed increase as well. I have a Linksys wireless G router and adapter.

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6 Responses to “What upgrading my internet speed with my internet provider also increase my current wireless as well?”

  1. Paul B said :

    No. That will stay at 54Mb/s

    Which is probably quite fast enough.

    To increase data transfer between the computer and the router, you’re going to need to either plug it in with an ethernet cable, or get yourself an N router. Not that I think you’d need to do that. You’ll still see the speed shoot up with your current setup.

  2. Stifle said :

    Most wireless routers are rated for up to 54Mbps, so if you upgrade your connection speed your wireless speed should go up too, unless you have like an ancient router.

  3. TheAnswerMan said :

    Remember that your wireless 802.11g speed is insignificant if you are getting information from the web. The 2mbps link you have from VM will be the bottleneck. Within your house, you can share files laptop to laptop at a much faster rate, but laptop to internet will be limited by the broadband link speed for the next 5-10 years.

    (Yes, someday we’ll all have very fast broadband, maybe 100+ mbps or so, but not for a long time from now)

  4. el e-phant said :

    the G bit means your routers capable of 54Mb/s, so even after you upgrade your tinternet (which is the bottleneck) you’re still covered by a factor of 5 before you need to consider going up to an N router

  5. Hak H said :

    yes it will certainly increase the wireless.

  6. zainkazmi_44 said :

    Your wireless INTERNET will run faster but not your connection to the network.

    OH and a message to Answerman,
    we will not have 100 mb/sec in future, it is already here
    the fastest internet available was 40 Gb/sec (yes GIGAbytes)


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