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How do I get wireless internet with a wireless router?

I’m currently with Talk Talk broadband, and I have a speedtouch ADSL modem. Can I simply ring up my provider and ask them about wireless internet, or do I need to buy something first?

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4 Responses to “How do I get wireless internet with a wireless router?”

  1. Random said:

    Try calling talktalk and ask them if they have any special deals on at the moment. One of them that they often run is a free wireless router.

    If not you are probably better off buying your own. They cost around £50 and are fairly easy to setup.

  2. Bryan said:

    I dont know about your carrier. I get mine through an air card from my cell phone company. I then purchased a special router made for such things. I bought mine from a place called the 3g store. They supposedly had good tech support, but I didnt end up needing it. It just off when I plugged the air card into it.

    The 3 g store has a bunch of faqs info on this. You may want to go there and check it out. they are an internet outfit.

  3. drummerboy36uk said:

    Hi you can phone talk talk and ask them if they have any deals upgrading your system to a wireless router or go on line and try emailing them
    I dont know how long you have been with talk talk but could you let me know what you think of the service they provide for example connection speeds how long it takes to contact customer services etc I am on email [email protected]

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