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How do I make my internet connection wireless?

On my home computer we have broadband through a modem plugged into the telephone socket. I now have a laptop in my bedroom which I also want to use the internet on. What do I need to buy and do to use the internet on both computers on a wireless connection?

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5 Responses to “How do I make my internet connection wireless?”

  1. When Hippos Eat to Much said :

    If your computer is wireless Integrated then all you need to is connect it through going the going the control panel, if it works via plug only then buy a wireless usb adapter

  2. Joshua A said :

    what internet provider are you on?
    If don’t have one already go to you internet providers webpage and order router to allow wireless internet!

  3. Life 2008 said :

    If you’re plugging the existing computer directly into the modem, all you need to do is buy a wireless router and plug that into the modem too. Then on your laptop you connect to that wirelessly and should get internet access! Make sure to secure the wireless router with a password to keep your network secure.

  4. Rap2383 said :

    okay you need a “router”, it’s the device that lets you have wireless singal through out your house

    you need a “wireless antenna” for your computer and for your laptop if you don’t have them already.

    Lynksys, is a good product to buy.
    And last thing best way to ask this and get information when you are in the store. go to Best Buy or Staples. They’ll know what to give you

    I just hope you don’t have dial-up. Good luck!

  5. JOCKY said :

    the best way to do this is buy yourself an adsl router and physically wire and configure it to your desktop once you have done this and
    have your network name and password you can access the net through your laptop hit this link below and choose SUPPORT then choose knowledge base look at and study any of the (how to connect a router ) you will be surprised how easy this is to do


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