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How do I connect my laptop to our home Broadband Internet connection?

Have just bought a Dell laptop and want to be able to connect to the Internet (broadband) in our house, but is there any way to do this without having to physically connect it to the PC? I was told to get an Ethernet cable but I think this only works with a dial-up Internet connection, plus I didn’t know where to plug it in.

I also read about getting a Mobile Broadband ExpressCard to enable the connection, but I’m not sure where to get these or how they work.

A wireless connection I think would be better, but what exactly would I need for that? And I’m guessing it would cost a lot.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “How do I connect my laptop to our home Broadband Internet connection?”

  1. iheartu said :

    you can get a wireless router.. go to your nearest best buy circuit city etc. and ask them they will show you how to hook up and do everything…thats how im connected right now with my laptop.

  2. Jacklyn W said :

    I just came across a site that sends you a laptop for free! I’m ordering mine right now, it’s a Sony VAIO and it looks really hot!

  3. "Wizard" said :

    Depending on your router/modem there could be a usb connection on the back of the router/modem which allows for a laptop connection.

    however, if your network is not set up to allow for other computers/laptops to enter its main frame you may just get an error message.

    So simply “just plugging in” and hoping it will connect to the net is more work then you maybe willing to do if your not tech minded.

    If you plan to go wireless, you’ll need a wireless router and the wireless card installed in your laptop. if you allready have a wireless network then you’ll just need the wireless network card installed in your laptop.

    You may need to contact your isp for another “ip” which allows all of your computers to log all at once. IE 1 ip = 1 computer, 2 ip’s = 2 computers and so on.

    However, some isp have whats called static or dynamic ip’s find out which one you have and see if your even allowed to gain another ip.

    Have I confused you yet?. see its not as easy as one, two, three. often your left calling your isp to send out an installer to set the network up. so it pays to take a beginner computer class at your local collage.

  4. james said :

    To Jacklyn W.
    Fuck off.


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