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How can I get broadband internet on my computer?

I have just bought a wireless rooter. I have configured it to my pc. The computer seems to be picking up signals as it says in network connection that it is enabled and the D (D-link wireless card) is green, but no internet. I can’t get the internet with ether connection either. However ether connection with a laptop works fine. So its definately something going on with my computer.

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4 Responses to “How can I get broadband internet on my computer?”

  1. BountyJack said :

    Contact an ISP

  2. Christopher H said :

    the isp will be able to do nothing if not to try and help

    they will not be able to solve the problem properly

    also you should check if both computers have a firewall
    if they both do one will block out the other
    make sure the Local Area network is set up properly to allow traffic in and out

  3. big al said :

    had same prob fone router helpline they will help

  4. scott.radley said :

    HI there

    Get in touch with your internet service provider to find out details on hor to connect to their broadband service.

    What operating system are using using? For example, Windows 98, Windows XP etc. I have been advised that yopu need to have at least Winmdows 98 Second Edition in order to have broadband. To find out, go to settings > Control Panel > System. It should tell you here. Your ISP will provide all of the hardware you will you need, i.e a broadband modem.

    Hope this helps.



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