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Can I connect my laptop to the Internet in 2 different houses?

My laptop is currently connected to o2 home broadband at my grandad’s house. However, I would also like to connect it to the internet in the flat that I share with my boyfriend. Is it possible to connect my laptop to two different broadbands?

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5 Responses to “Can I connect my laptop to the Internet in 2 different houses?”

  1. salus said :


  2. a_bard00 said :

    Yes, as long as both routers provide DHCP and your computer is set to automatically obtain an IP address, it’s no problem at all.

  3. Sophie said :

    Yes. Are you on wireless or modem?
    Wireless: Next time you’re at your flat, simply search for connections and find the name of the router, then for the password put in the Wireless Pin/Key (some routers call it different things). After this, your laptop will automatically connect to each.
    Modem: Simply plug the modem into your computer, and, using the disc that should have come with it, install it in your laptop. It won’t cause any problems, you’ll just need to select whatever modem you’re using when you connect.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Kenneth said :

    only if youre a cheesedick

  5. Jerry J said :

    Yes you can


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