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How do I connect a PC to the internet via cable and a laptop via wireless?

My PC was connected to the internet through cable but I’ve now got a wireless to connect my new laptop. How do I get them connected at the same time? They both connect separately if I unplug and plug in, but that’s a bit inconvenient. I’d rather keep the PC connected by cable if I can.

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3 Responses to “How do I connect a PC to the internet via cable and a laptop via wireless?”

  1. blamay22000 said :

    If you have a wireless laptop, you buy a wireless router. The router will still have ports to connect the wired pc.

  2. Da Man Wit Da Anserz said :

    Buy a wireless router and it will have RJ45 ports on it so just connect your
    PC wired and set up your laptop for wireless

  3. Johnathan said :

    Get BT HOME HUB which has Ethernet ports at the back and has wireless as well so you can connect the PC and Laptop all in one. The Home hub has great wireless range N which can reach into your garden. It is very simple to set up and is secure as it is encrypted with WPA security, which helps. RATED which? best buy this year. If you don’t have built in wi-fi in laptop you can either get a wireless card or a dongle. If you do have wi-fi built in there will either be a switch or a key combination to turn wireless on (usually Fn and anttena symbol “!”)


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