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How do I install internet explorer on my computer?

Hey, I’ve just signed on to Virgin Media and in their instructions to go on the net, they say I must press the interenet explorer icon. However i don’t have internet explorer preloaded on my computer! (Or it got deleted somehow!)

Whats the quickest way of installing internet explorer on my computer?

Thanks in advance!

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26 Responses to “How do I install internet explorer on my computer?”

  1. Sean L said :

    type in google, “Internet Explorer 7”

    it will give the url to download it from.

  2. Connor W said :

    click download

  3. Bartimus Ll said :
  4. Ken_T said :

    Go to windows update

  5. sanbox69 said :

    get Mozilla instead

  6. doc_holliday1863 said :

    Click download select run and thats it.
    Good luck

  7. Richard M said :

    Add / Remove Programs

    then choose ‘Windows Components’ You should find it under there somewhere, will more than likely ask you to insert your windows cd to install it again.

  8. I say this and that said :
  9. Danny said :

    don’t. get mozilla firefox it’s way faster and keeps out more viruses so get that

  10. Mike said :

    there is absouletely no way IE wasnt installed on your computer. it is a part of base software for windows. it is so highly integrated into the operating system, that there is no way you cant have it.

  11. Linda said :

    you can go to downloads on and download I.E. for yahoo

  12. Big H said :

    it tells you and if didnt have interenet how could you be on here

  13. Cheemie said :

    Firefox is better and Microsoft are just copying there ideas for example tab browsing.

    Also on firefox you can hold right click and then slide your mouse left or right to the previous page or next page.


  14. Analie C said :

    here is the link and it’s free it’s at the top left side

  15. J D said :

    Just check to see if you already have it. Look in:
    C:Program FilesInternet Explorer
    for iexplore.exe
    You can make a shortcut to it and put it on the desktop.

    Or go to start button> Run and type in iexplore.

  16. shibumi_js said :

    Assuming you have a web browser of some sort, use it to go here

    choose what operating system you have, then hit “Go” button. On the next page, hit “Download” button. You’ll presented with some options – Choose the “Save” button so that you download the package to your machine (Remember what directory you’re saving it to!).

    Once it’s downloaded, all you have to do is close out of your browser and double-click on the package. Then follow the prompts.

  17. Mike R said :

    Make sure you really don’t have it by going to:
    “C:Program FilesInternet Explorer” folder and look for IEXPLORE.EXE

    If not, download it or use your windows CD as the others are saying.

  18. Kyler IE Outreach Team said :

    Just head over here:

    IE Outreach Team

  19. ganger said :

    go to add remove programs when loaded click on add remove windows components then click explorer you will need the operating disk for this you can try for updates that will do to without the disk if uou havent got it

  20. CK C said :

    if ur not sure if Internet explorer got deleted try going clicking start then go to run type iexplore then press enter …. if the internet explorer is still loaded in ur pc it should load up the page but if not u will get an error msg. u might wanna try using a diff. browser for now like netscape nav. or mozilla … go to then download ie7 from there….

  21. Jim Maryland said :

    If you are using a Microsoft operating system, the Internet Explorer software is integrated into the operating system so the only time you need to install it is if you are upgrading (and if upgrading is possible). If you are using a non-Microsoft operating system, Microsoft only makes their Internet Explorer software somewhat available for other systems.

    If you have a Microsoft OS, you can look for Internet Explorer in your Start menu (location differs slightly based on your version of Windows).

    Now something worth pointing out is that even though the instructions say you must press the Internet Explorer icon, you really don’t need to use Internet Explorer (and many people are choosing not to use it and favor applications like Firefox, Opera, Safari, and others). The instructions were written for the least educated computer users and assume little or no technical knowledge from them. Now where this isn’t entirely true though is if you use some games that rely on the Internet Explorer network settings rather than configuring them internal to the game software. This only applies though if you need to specify anything like a proxy server or DNS entries manually (not typical for broadband service). Most ISP service for broadband offer a direct connection to the Internet and no browser configuration is necessary.

  22. Cluster said :

    Internet explorer come s with winxp mate but you can download the latest version from microsoft.

  23. SD said :

    To be honest if you are running Microsoft Windows you cannot un-install IE (Internet Explorer), unless you are a computer geek (in general). If you are running Macintosh, or Linux there is no support from Microsoft concerning IE. On Windows the IE icon looks like a blue “E”. You can often find it in the start menu, or do a computer “search” for it. If you are still having problems locating it, you can open “My Computer” and type in a website address into the top bar (and POOF! its turned into IE for Internet). If this does not work, then go to “” and download it (or if you can’t, get a friend to download it for you). You can install it step-by-step that way. On a last note, there are many alternatives to IE such as Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, etc. that are much (and I mean MUCH) more secure and safe. It generally shouldn’t matter what Internet browser you use to surf the Internet, unless there is special software requiring IE. I hope this isn’t too technical.

    Good luck, I hope this helps!

  24. Colinc said :

    You must have IE it comes with the system and is nearly impossible to remove. You have just lost the icon. Try from start/programs and look for it there, if not go to my computer Local Drive C:/program files/internet explorer. You should see the IE icon, right click it and select send to/desktop

  25. Vonge said :

    DONT. Internet Explorer is one of the worst browsers out there. Try Mozilla Firefox.

    Firefox is faster, customizable, and more reliable. Has an automatic pop-up blocker, and has addons that you can use to make your browser as you want it. Here is the link for themes and addons…

    Please consider using firefox. You won’t regret it!

  26. Jim Elwer said :

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