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I want to delete my history and cookies from Firefox to make my past viewing history disappear. How?

I know that for Internet Explorer, one can right click on the icon, and click ‘properties’ and delete saved passwords, saved viewing history, and cookies. How do I do this if I’ve been using Firefox lately. I am going to sell my computer and I do not want the buyer knowing my viewing history. Please help!

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18 Responses to “I want to delete my history and cookies from Firefox to make my past viewing history disappear. How?”

  1. Terry Dean said :

    i dont know

  2. «κ∂кαsђî»® said :

    press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE

  3. Viper said :

    Tools – clear private data.

    Or Ctrl + Shift + Del when on firefox


  4. James K said :

    Tools -> Clear Private Data

  5. "sexy Liano" said :

    oK look for tools on your tool bar .top of your page.
    Click delete browzing history
    click delete all
    then click small box also that will pop up saying delete add ons to.Done hope this helps

  6. Sophie H said :

    Go to ‘Tools’
    Then just simply click on ‘Clear Private Data’
    Easy peasy!

  7. jango_khan said :

    go to tools and select clear private date or u can use the shortcut method….CTRL+SHIFT+DEL…it is easy and u may selcet what to delete as well

  8. SiLKy said :

    Yes very easy… look up…

  9. lbaseballstar4 said :

    pretty sure all you do is just click on the tools tab and the hit internet options and it should be right there “delete history” and “delete cookies” if your selling your computer i would look into doing a whole system repair though that gets rid of everything!!

  10. no1 said :

    wel i fink dis iz hw 2 do it go on toolz n den on delet browsing history n den press delete all dat will refresh yor holeee computer
    hpe i helpd lo0ol

  11. Olivia J said :

    ctrl (left bottom)
    and ”h” letter on ur keyboard 🙂

    ohh and press just ur mouse,once on the top of the list
    and then keep ur hand on delete

  12. trkmonkee said :

    Been spending time with old Missus Palm and her 5 lovely daughters ehh? It’s what the internets for!

  13. Sharoz K said :

    go to tools and clear private data if it still don’t go on tools options privacy tick ask me before clearing private data and the clear now

  14. ned222 said :

    download a cleaner c cleaner will move it

  15. ed9455 said :

    click on tools , then options, then in the lower box click on always clear private data when i close firefox , also click on settings and choose which data you want cleared

  16. Just Me said :

    From the option menu at the top press History
    Then show all history
    Press shift and click on the first one
    Then scroll down and click on the last one
    Then hit delete
    Then it will all be gone!
    Hope this will help! x

  17. Computer Guy said :

    Please press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

    Hope this helps!

  18. Anish A said :



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