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Why are the pictures on my website not showing in Internet Explorer browser?

Have just set up my first website and when I go to it in my Yahoo browser it’s fine, but when I type it into Internet Explorer, the page comes up but the pictures are missing. Any ideas on what I need to do?

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7 Responses to “Why are the pictures on my website not showing in Internet Explorer browser?”

  1. Halbireo StarGazer said :

    In internet explorer, i’m guessing it shows a little red cross where the picture should be. The usual reason for this is that your browser cannot find where that picture is located, or the link from the picture to the website. If you’ve just set up your website for the first time, then i think you should make sure that your pictures are linked in properly form where ever they are stored.

    Hope this helps =]

  2. Gooner4Life said :

    Stop using Internet Explorer. Its utter crap. Try firefox, google chrome or safari.

  3. darren w said :

    are they flash based? if so install flash, also click tools ,internet options, advanced and reset to default

  4. colintd said :

    when you open the page hold the CTRL key and click on the REFRESH button. It’s probably not updating your local cache

  5. Robin B said :

    Install Mozilla Firefox (free) You can have both IE and Firefox on your computer.
    I have a similar problem as on IE some websites will not display pictures bur if I open them in Firefox it’s all there

  6. Special S said :

    Install Flash Player 10:

    But, I use Firefox (way faster than Internet Explorer!)

  7. Kyler_IE8_Team said :

    For technical questions involving web site development in Internet Explorer, this site is a great resource for information.

    Microsoft Web Dev Forum:

    IE Outreach Team


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