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How to connect 2 computers to the internet?

I have got 1 computer which is connected to the internet using a virgin media modem. But i recently bought a new computer and i want to connect that to the internet aswell. I have got a Belkin wireless router that can connect both computers to the internet. I have installed the software for one computer but i can’t do it for the other one. Please help!

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4 Responses to “How to connect 2 computers to the internet?”

  1. griffen995 said:

    well are they some what new if so try sync ing them. and copy the data to the other

  2. Mal J said:

    If your other computer is wireless enabled then you will not have to load the belkin disc, just enable the wireless function on your second pc, it should then find the belkin router.

  3. Jon P said:

    Needless to say, you may want to setup some encryption on your router so that Joe Shmoe down the street can’t use your internet. Depending on which router you have, it should be relatively easy to setup some encryption. Your should be able to look up encryption (WEP, WPA,etc) in the manual.

  4. wesright said:

    Odds are you probably don’t need to install the CD on the 2nd computer. I’m assuming you are using DHCP, which simply means letting the wireless router send the IP addresses, etc. to the computers on your lan automatically.

    You’ve probably already done this but I’ll mention it just in case so we have a complete picture. Your wireless router is now connected to your ISP’s modem, and your 2 computers are connected to that.

    Now, 1 of the computers is connecting fine but the other wasn’t able to install the CD so it’s not, yes..? I’d try going to the Control Panel on the machine that isn’t connecting and try the Windows Wizard to try and create a new internet connection. Just tell it to automatically get the settings from the wireless router. Hopefully that will work.
    As a side note, you can probably connect to your router via and check it’s settings, etc. Take a look at the manual for the router for the correct IP address, etc. since the one I just mentioned is just the one most commonly used and yours may differ.


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