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How do I get satellite internet service ?

In some areas, high-speed internet is not available without using satellite connection. The cost of satellite internet connection is in the same range as the cable service counterparts. While most satellite providers include an installer for their products, those who want to connect the satellite internet service to a computer can be lost. Don’t fret just yet, all you need is the satellite dish, a modem, a power cord, coaxial and Ethernet cable, the surge suppressor and the software provided, then you can connect the internet to a computer.

The first step is to find the dual coaxial cable, which is usually connected on the feed horn of the dish. Once you found them, run the cables down to your house where the computer is located. To set up your modem for your satellite connection, check if it’s a card that should be installed in the CPU or if a stand-alone unit. If it uses a card, you have to install it in your computer first before continuing.

After setting up the modem, you can plug the coaxial cables into the available ports in the modem. The two cables should be plugged into the “sat in” and “sat out” slot. Generally, the cables have markings, so make sure to plug the cables on the right slots. However, if the cables are not named, you need to access the dish and check which ones come from which connections on the dish’s feed horn. Once you know which cables go in which modem slot, connect them by pushing straight into the ports securely.

If you have an external modem, snap one of the Ethernet cable’s end into the port at the back of the modem, then plug the other end into your CPU’s Ethernet port. However, if your modem is internal, you can skip this part and go straight to plugging the power cord into the modem and the other end into the surge suppressor. After all cables are in the right place, you can now install any available software on your computer and check if the satellite internet is working.

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