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How i can split home DSL internet to connect with two computers at the same time?

I am currently using a box which splits internet wire coming from DSL filter into i) TV, ii) internet itself. I want to split internet itself into further two, to connect two computers at the same time. Could anyone tell me how can i do that. Please also mention names of any devices/converters i need.

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4 Responses to “How i can split home DSL internet to connect with two computers at the same time?”

  1. Victoria81908 said :

    You can go into any electronic store and get a wireless router. Even if the computers are not lap-tops or don’t have built in wireless, each router has a converter/connecter thing which you have to buy seperately. I suggest buying this, it works great.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. R.F. said :

    You need a router. You connect your connect your phone line to your DSL modem, and connect an ethernet cable from your DSL modem to the router. The router will have multiple ethernet ports and you can connect a separate ethernet cable from each of those ports to a separate device whether it’s multiple computers, etc. Best thing about getting a router is that it has its own firewall for protection.

    Be aware that even though you can connect multiple devices sharing your internet connection, you still have only one dsl connection which means that the same bandwidth of your dsl account will be shared among all your devices. If you have one device downloading a lot of stuff like streaming video, then you will notice a slowed performance in your other devices.

  3. andy w said :

    You need an adsl router.
    Either an ethernet only or a wireless one.
    If ethernet only then you would have to cable them both in to the router.
    If wireless you would be able to use any wireless enabled pc/laptop.

    There are various makes

    Just ensure you get one for ADSL and not cable.


  4. jeepndd said :

    Don’t get a router. Your xDSL modem is probably a router as well, so you would be introducing new problems. Just get an inexpensive switch. Even Gigabit Ethernet switches are cheap these days but really a 10/100 switch has more available bandwidth than any xDSL line will offer so get what you want they’ll all be faster than your internet connection. I use a Netgear Gigabit Ethernet switch to increase available ports but then I run far more computers and home applications than most people do at home.


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