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How to increase my wireless internet signal and improve my internet speed?

I’ve got a Netgear 7 Router.I have had better Internet access, but in the last few weeks things started slowing down.I only have 32 processes running at any one time and frequently run crap cleaner.Accessing the internet is painfully slow, and waiting for pages to open from the internet is just like listening to a ticking Grandfather clock.

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7 Responses to “How to increase my wireless internet signal and improve my internet speed?”

  1. Apple Crumble said :

    Position the router or computer for a better signal.
    Or don’t go wireless….a cable is much the better option.
    Could be other issues on the computer but there are many.

  2. nitrous74 said :

    youve most likely got a mal ware program on your computer. or your not close enough to your router. put ur computer right next to your router and get a good AV program like AVG or Zone Alarm

    also try getting a cable link-up. much better option

  3. Anonymous said :

    Well, My dlink is very slow and it is the one you get from the laptop deals, now there is this USB thing, it is called the” Wireless N USB Adapter” it is a usb device that you plug into your computer and it gives you wireless signals from your router. This device is pretty good and the price is around 30-40 dollars. I have mine it is from TP-Link it works on any computer, you just need to install the software that comes with it and you are good to go.

  4. Alex said :

    First: position router close to the computer. If this does not help

    2) open a command prompt – > “Start” -“Run” then type in “cmd”

    In the command prompt type in “netstat -a”

    This will show all your network connections. If there is a bunch of those opened to unknown websites, there may be a virus on the system. To see what application opens connections you may use Open ports scanner

    If there some unknown .exe file opening TCP connections then it is likely you have a malware, install an antiovirus, antimalware and clean your PC

  5. Ash said :

    Open task manager go to networking, It would display the speed of your wireless connection…if this speed is not reflecting to you…you might have some virus and Malicious software in your PC. download and run a Avast check ….it would take 3-4 hrs to complete and delete all the virus.

    To raise the speed:
    1. Timely delete browsing data (specially cookies)
    2. Remove some of the program from your initial starting Y! messenger or skype when ever you boot up….
    3. you some light weight and speedy browser..Google Crome is good seems…

  6. Kyler_IE8_Team said :

    I can’t be of much help if your signal is low, but if you are running IE8, one way to maximize speed is to run the browser with add-ons disabled, to do this:
    In IE, go to ‘tools’ and ‘manage add-ons’.
    Disabling any unnecessary add-ons may help your Internet run faster.
    Try disabling add-ons with more than a .2 sec load time. (i.e. tool bars)

    Good luck,
    IE8 Outreach Team

  7. Axon-IT Support said :

    Is it your computer that is slow or internet? IE is it slow when opening new programs or just when opening new pages in your internet browser?

    Try running a internet speed test at:


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