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How do I connect one wireless router to another to share an internet connection?

I have a Lynksis WRT54GS connected to the internet. I would like to connect a Netgear DG834G to the WRT54GS wirelessly, and share the internet acess from the WRT54GS to the DG834G. How do I do this?

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4 Responses to “How do I connect one wireless router to another to share an internet connection?”

  1. johntrottier said :

    No – I am sorry but that will not work for several reasons.
    1. You cannot have 2 active routers on a system. They will each try to take control and will crash the network.
    2. Wireless routers are not repeaters. They will not accept a wireless signal and retransmit it.

    Please restate your question explaining what you need to do. Then we can help you get the right hardware

  2. blue_tooth2k said :

    I honestly don’t know anything about the Netgear router… But I would recommend that you use the Netgear to connect to the internet… then upgrade the Linksys using dd-wrt hack…

    what this hack do is it allow the Linksys to become a client to the Netgear router (I do it with a Belkin as the host and Linksys as the client, and its quite stable)…

    If your Netgear allows you to become client to the Linksys, then you should just do it that way…

    that’s my 2 cents

  3. poebassman said :

    Set the Netgear to allow wireless access and note the DHCP address range.

    In the wireless settings on the WRT54GS, set Wireless mode to CLIENT, Wireless Network mode to MIXED, and make the SSID on the WRT54GS the same as the Netgear’s.

    Set the DHCP addresses to a range on your WRT54GS network that aren’t in conflict with the Netgear’s DHCP addresses.

    This sets the WRT54GS as a wireless bridge.

  4. Brandon S said :

    As long as all your computer are desktops, you might want to consider powerline. Go here and click on the product tour link.

    This at least explains powerline. You may want the mobility of wireless for a laptop, but check this out. It is a great alternative.


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