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How does internet wireless work with regards to the internet provider?

I sort of know how it all works but I just don’t get who you have to pay to get the wireless internet.

For instance, I currently have a standard broadband internet package with Tiscalli. If I wanted to use my laptop away from home and get on the internet by wireless, who do I pay. If I went half way across the country e.g UK and got connected, surely the person/company that is providing that wireless internet has nothing to do with my tiscali account at home.

So I guess I’m wondering whether or not I would need to have two internet providers. One for home and one for the internet wireless.

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4 Responses to “How does internet wireless work with regards to the internet provider?”

  1. Barkley Hound said:

    The first time you access a wireless site you will receive a logon page. At that point you make the decision of how to pay. You can pay by the hour, day, week, or month. You receive an id and password that can be used the next time. There are many providers. If you sign up for a long term plan it is only good with the specific provider. It is up to the store providing the service which company they use.

    You may end up with 2 internet providers.

    This is all referring to WiFi service. There is also cellular internet service that has a much wider range and must be set up ahead of time with a service provider.

  2. crutchduck said:

    If I am understanding you right you are talking about the wireless cards you see advertised on TV now. Those cards work off the cell phone network, so you would receive a bill either for that specifically or in conjunction with you cell phone. how ever lots of places have free wireless access points now, several airports, college campuses, and coffee shops Hotels. those work the same way your home Internet works, these tend to be free because they are using there Internet connection they pay for in conjunction with a wireless access point, that connects to your computer through either built in wireless technology or a card that you can by at any computer store.

  3. cadsaz said:

    There are places that provide free wireless hotspots i.e. Starbucks – they recuperate the costs with all the coffee you’ll buy from them whilst surfing, thus the incentive.

    University Campus – free – recuperating the costs from your Uni fee etc.

    Im with AOL, but I can connect anywhere when I’m out and about and all I need is a wireless laptop I dont even need an Internet Service Provider at home, so dont worry!

  4. slvrfx24 said:

    Look here.


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