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What is the best free anti virus system out there?

What is the best free non malware anti virus system out there?

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10 Responses to “What is the best free anti virus system out there?”

  1. Legolas said :

    AVG and Avast

  2. arouge1786 said :

    AVG Anti-virus or Avast Anti-virus. Both are free and very easy to use. If you want some Anti-spyware to go with it there’s SpyBot – Search and Destroy.

  3. l d said :

    best is a relative term.

    I used to recommend AVG, but many of my friends don’t update the files when AVG prompts them to – so the program is always out of date, sometimes many months out of date – what use is that?

    I now recommend Avast because it can be set up to automatically update – without user input. A much more fool proof system.

    AdAware is a nice compliment to either anti-virus program.

  4. Astro B said :

    avg free 7.5

  5. bobthedeerhunter said :

    I do like AVG but, I also recommend Avira AntiVirus both are free, both have premium upgrades for a price, but you get better protection. – AVG – Avira AntiVirus
    Both I think are great!
    Out of them I pick Avira AntiVirus.
    Hope this helps!

  6. tikyo security answerers said :
  7. scatta123 said : or avast are the best free ones I have found.
    Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security Pro is the best to buy.
    Nothing gets through this sucker!

  8. Armageddon Saviour (Siddharth) said :

    AVG 8.0 trial
    is Great

  9. Mary J said :

    my pc was full of virus and the tips of the blog helped me a lot.
    look for more information on the blog.
    choose and use the programmes recommended by him,
    I hope I have helped !!!!!

  10. mack said :


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