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Is there a free anti virus protection offered online?

I once had a free online computer virus scan that was downloaded into my computer by my brother in law. With the software I was able to scan the computer when I wanted and delete whatever cookies it found. I no longer have that computer and I am searching for that same software or another that will do the same. I have tried some that promise to do that and really don’t. Does anyone know of a REAL free download software that is worth trying?

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7 Responses to “Is there a free anti virus protection offered online?”

  1. Joseph said:

    I would try AVG Free. It works well and doesn’t slow your computer. In addition to that I would purchase Malwarebytes ($25 one time fee). I run both of these and have not had any problems.

  2. kermed said:

    Yes, absolutely. In fact I just recommended this to the last post:

    What you need is the free Microsoft Security Essentials or another free AV (like AVG or Avast):

    They have almost unlimited money, and know all of the Windows processes inside and out. The anti-virus is lightweight and free. You can install this software package and not need to worry anymore.

    Besides, they build the OS. I think they owe it to consumers to protect it.

  3. Alxgrt said:

    avg deffs as allroud antivirus , cc cleaner for cleaning registrys and all of the other shit and spybot search and destroy for getting rid of rootkits etc 🙂

  4. Spencer said:

    Malwarebyte’s is free, its for anti-malware… avast free is beast, panda cloud AV (that’s what i use) don’t use AVG either, its crap, it can’t even find simple viruses or rootkits even though it scans for them

  5. Lenny said:

    Here is a Yahoo Best Answer post

    “How can i download avg free?”;_ylt=Ak2Lcu2fxDRmcJJSQ1uS3FzeMBV.;_ylv=3?qid=20090114184049AAhCbHV

    and check out this latest chart from the Money section in USA Today

    The Best Anti-virus out there

  6. Nick said:

    Do not use AVG. Do not listen to anyone who tells you to use AVG. Despite being the most popular downloaded antivirus on the web, AVG does not offer adequate protection, against anything (no rootkit protection at all)

    Get one of the three

  7. RogD said:

    microsoft security essentials :

    malwarebytes anti malware :

    zone alarm firewall :

    All free, All good. All must haves for the security of your computer. get these, run them weekly, your set. Dont forget to update the malwarebytes before running. It doesnt have auto updating.


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