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Is it ok to download free anti virus online?

what are the cons of downloading free anti virus online ,does it have an effect on my PC’s performance? if not what would be the best free anti virus you can recommend for me to download.

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5 Responses to “Is it ok to download free anti virus online?”

  1. Samuel Adams said :

    If you want a free anti-virus I recommend in order of popularity, but please choose the right one for you (install only one):

    1. AVG Free
    a. A simple interface (easier to use than Avast! and Avira)
    b. Can detect about 82.82% of viruses
    Cons: low virus detection

    2. Avast!
    a. Real-time protection
    b. It has an option to delete a virus once found
    c. Can detect about 87.46% of viruses.
    Cons: Too many icons and confusing user interface

    3. Avira AntiVir
    a. It can detect malware better than Avast and AVG
    b. It’s cute umbrella icon
    c. Can detect about 94.26% of viruses
    Cons: A very sluggish update

    I advise against Norton anti-virus, it’s bloated software that slows your computer down. The best anti-virus available is Kaspersky or NOD32 (recent tests at

  2. alke8882000 said :

    there are no side effects or cons of downloading free antiwvirus online, although the download must be legit and not fraud, try downloading Avast! Google it.

  3. maciac13 said :

    It can do one of three things:

    1) It’ll be legit and do an awesome job. [UNLIKELY]

    2) It’ll be legit and do a horrible job (like my McAfee from AOL). [LIKELY]

    3) It really is going to put a virus on your computer. [LIKELY]

  4. Miles C said :

    It is fine and legal

    This seem to be the most popular

    I use Career Associates paid service, because I want my anti virus program updated

  5. Kiran M said :

    You ought to download from a reliable website. If using torrents, you will likely encounter viruses.

    Also, must downloadable antivirus software are trials so look out. It will tell you practically every other second to buy the complete version and that drives me nuts. AVG is free to download and it doesnt repeatedly tell you to upgrade. It is also excellently efficient. I strongly advise AVG 8.0 FREE.


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