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I need a Low performance free anti virus program?

I need a Low performance free anti virus program?

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6 Responses to “I need a Low performance free anti virus program?”

  1. PCHelperdude said:

    Avira is very light and free

  2. Aaron said:

    AVG, its the best free antivirus you will ever find.

  3. MrZip said:

    go to ( and you can read about all of them,free and paid,over the years when i used to run “free” i used the Avira antivir,it was very good if you set the setting right,but remember it has no antispyware/////////

  4. Alex said:

    I have honestly tried all anyi virus programs, and nothing runs better than avast antivirus. It gives you live updates and will tell you when your downloading a virus or streaming one. Just download beta and when they want you to renew just pick the one that gives you another free year. very easy best software available

  5. soupfine said:

    AVG is bs. Sorry but it’s true. If you want a free anti-virus/anti-malware program that works and doesn’t suck the resources out of your computer use Microsoft Security Essentials…AVG blows, period.

  6. Google said:

    antivirus tips and antivirus download:


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