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where can I get a free anti virus program?

where can I find a free anti virus program that I don’t have to register for and isn’t a trial version

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12 Responses to “where can I get a free anti virus program?”

  1. NeedzMoarDesu said :
  2. Banana Phone said :

    AVG is a good one. It scans and deletes. It isn’t a trial or purchase but there is a pro version which is somehow faster and not ad-supported.

  3. this guy said :

    here is what i have

    AVG free

    Spy bot search and destroy

    Ccleaner (not really a virus get ridover but it gets rid of cookies and junk its awsome)

  4. Bob B. said :

    I second that, a friend of mine who is really good with computers recommended avg, it’s free!

  5. Volleyball lover!!! said :
    you will find all anti viruses on here!!
    -hope i helpedd(;

  6. Frederic said :

    You won’t be able to get a free anti-virus program without registering for it, but you CAN get free anti-virus programs. The two most popular are AVG and Avast.

  7. John said :
  8. Adrian S said :
  9. max53389 said :

    go to, there is a catorgory for anti virus software.

  10. 16units2go said :
  11. CJ said :

    why don’t you try norton 360

  12. cammie c said :

    hi if your looking for a free anti virus heres some good ones

    1. avira.

    2.avast home.

    3. avg.

    all of these anti viruses make a free version

    thanks hope that helped


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