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Where can I download a anti virus program for free?

I currently have symantec antivirus but it has expired.
thanks for any suggestions

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7 Responses to “Where can I download a anti virus program for free?”

  1. Jorge said :

    malware antimalwarebytes or something like that just google it

  2. Blondie said :

    Use the removal tool for this program.

    Avira and avast are your best free ones to use, Do not use Avg, as it has no root kit protection, which it tells you on the download page.

  3. Muhammad said :

    try download AVG antivirus Free Edition….

  4. marinemerchant said :

    Make sure you uninstall symantec antivirus first.

    Then I’d suggest Avast (free edition). AVG imo is turning into bloatware and they had an incident last year where a few million users could not get online after a windows update. Not completely their fault, but still inconvenient.

  5. Stephen P said :

    do not renew norton it is no good, here are a few antivirus to check
    out. avra,avg,pc tools anti virus all good and free.need a good
    firewall try pctools firewall plus,comodo or zonealarm. ccleaner for
    cleaning your registry,keep windows defender.

  6. Joseph said :

    Download AVG Anti virus. I ha ve had that on my computer for a year now. It has worked great for me. And if you are also looking for anti spyware look up Super Anti Spyware its totally free and totally helpful

  7. Diana said :


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