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What is the best free anti virus program?

I need an antivirus program for my m15x alienware laptop.. where can I download a completely free anti virus? not trials

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6 Responses to “What is the best free anti virus program?”

  1. Andrew B said :

    Avast or AVG are the best free antivirus’s

  2. Adam said :

    AVG Or mcafee
    or you can get kasepersy 60 day trial

  3. Vish Thaker said :

    AVG Anti-virus provides an excellent service for free, otherwise most mainstream anti-virus protection providers give a 60 day trial with the option of upgrading to full.

  4. noname said :

    avast for me, has alot of helpful features and if you like it enough you can always buy the better version = )

    although i heard good about AVG and never tried it as i got it and couldn’t figure it out

  5. Hugh said :
  6. sk patra said :

    i ve 6 yrs experience with security software

    if want to try free then avira best option

    if paid norton internet security best

    for free version of avira you ve to keep another antispyware program and a good fire wall like
    malwarebyte and comodo.

    wish it helpful…


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