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What is the best anti virus program to download for free?

I am looking for free anti-virus downloads. What is the best one to use?

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7 Responses to “What is the best anti virus program to download for free?”

  1. HybridRxn said :

    AVG is the best i have seen so far. if you go to it gives you a trial version. Go to the website, for a free version

  2. Dylan A said :
  3. magenta3032 said :

    Avg , its great.

  4. Kenneth H said :

    Avast! Just make sure to get the free edition.

  5. boomer said :

    My top 3
    1. Avast
    2. Avira
    3. AVG

  6. Iberostar said :

    Download AdwareBOT for FREE and instantly scan your PC for spyware and adware infections.

    AdwareBOT 2009 is the industry’s latest, most advanced anti-spyware product. This breakthrough application was created by the most highly-regarded experts in the anti-spyware industry. AdwareBOT 2009 can locate, eliminate and prevent the broadest range of spyware threats possible without compromising system speed or performance. With its comprehensive protection and automatic updates, every customer of AdwareBOT 2009 enjoys a safe, spyware-free computing environment.

  7. Miquel Ditullio said :

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