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What is a good FREE anti virus for windows 7 on vista?

hi, i need a anti virus that is free and lasts a bit! i run windows 7 on VISTA! thanx! website links will get best answer!

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6 Responses to “What is a good FREE anti virus for windows 7 on vista?”

  1. guru 360 said :

    Avast antivirus. Its good.

  2. Someperson said :

    Avast as the person said above u gotta sign up for it with your email for free!>avast>second link the first one is a scam.

  3. JIM said :
  4. Beefcake4U said :

    AVG 7.5 free

  5. Red Rice Yeast said :

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  6. Marisela Weyer said :

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