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Internet connection down the mobile phone networks, does it have to be expensive?

I want full internet access from a sailing boat whilst in harbour within the U.K. I have looked at satellite phones at £2500 to buy and then £4 per megabyte. It seems it will be really expensive. I am told it’s better to use my mobile conected to my laptop, but a friend who did this spent £1200 in a month. I will access financial trading sites with a useage of 84,000 bytes, I will need two of these up at the same time so total of 169,000 bytes, how many bytes to a megabyte? Now this means nothing to me but can anyone out there give me some indication of the costs, I need access to earn money but to be frank I will only earn £1000 a month so if it costs too much then obviously it’s no use. I will be on line approx 8 hrs per day.

Can you advise of network deals on download levels ? Or even alternative methods. I enquired about SSB radio plus modem but its too slow for anything but e-mail.

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4 Responses to “Internet connection down the mobile phone networks, does it have to be expensive?”

  1. David D said :

    Web and Walk from T-Mobile is probably the best value access in the UK at present:

  2. cool_clearwater said :

    a megabyte is a million bytes
    access via a cellphone is expensive and slow unless you can get 3G access which is more expensive and still slow
    If you are close enough to the shore to get a cellnet signal then you may as well go on land and visit a cybercafe or the like
    you can get satellite internet access (as oposed to a sat phone) but that is sooooo expensive

    Run courses showing people how you make your money – you would probably earn more

  3. Trekky2k said :

    They have a deal on which I spotted the other day, think it was T-Mobile. A lot of the networks do GPRS/3G cards you can plug in so that’s worth lookin at… you’re limited to where you can use it though so be careful before you buy.

  4. Ali said :

    hm i am from pakistan i am using my cell phoe to connect to my area dsl or broadband is not avaiolable and dial up kind a sucks..gprs is much better

    Ok to download one mb data its around rs.19
    One pound is around a hundred bucks here
    pretty expensive actually,but the cellular company i am using provide unlimited Gprs usage for a month for around Rs.630
    Try to find some unlimited acess deal..otherwise gprs is expensive..
    They did’t activate y connection for a day and they have charged me 894 or something rupees for the time ..which probably they would return..anywya be careful gprs ..can be expensive…


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