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Why does my internet disconnect every time the phone rings?

It happens regularly, when the phone rings my internet goes off. Its pretty pathetic to be honest, as i pay good money to maintain a connection and this happens. Honestly people, DO NOT SIGN UP WITH TALK TALK. I wish i stayed with BT.

Anyhow, Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

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5 Responses to “Why does my internet disconnect every time the phone rings?”

  1. Sky said :

    erm do u have broadbrand?

  2. migdalski said :

    If you have filters on all phones, I’ve no idea. Sorry.

  3. gordon3392 said :

    If its still coming from your phone line have you a filter phone socket ??

  4. PetitLolita3 said :

    It sounds like your using a 56k/DSL modem that’s connected to your phone line. Instead, sign up for a wireless broadband router through your cable service. My old room mate used Verizon internet connection and was able to add digital cable for not that much more..

  5. AnYingJie said :

    You have a problem with your DSL filters.. not sure why changing to talktalk from BT should have caused this.. it is probably just co-incidence. Filters do go faulty from time to time.

    – either one is faulty
    – you dont have enough…

    rules is:
    you need one on every phone or phone like device (Sky box, fax, answer machine AND telephone)

    if you have that, then unplug everything except the Modem and one phone (both connected with a filter, one each if they are in seperate Sockets)

    call your phone (eg from a mobile)
    – do you have a problem ?
    Yes – change the filter and repeat till you get a good one
    No – change the filter and repeat till you find the bad one(s)

    change the bad ones..for new ones.
    And there are better ones and worse ones. Get a good one
    like one of the best is the XF-1e
    and wont cost more that a poorer high street one.

    If you have not enough filters, then either share one (with an socket doubler in the output of the filter) or live without one of the phones till you can get one.

    if you need more help, I suggest you ask on the forums at

    a lot of good people there. and Talktalk reps also go on the talktalk and general forum.. .so you can get directly to them/and they look at your issue too. try not to flame them, they will understand your frustration.. and they really will help.


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