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What are the different mobile phone internet connections, and what speeds are they?

I know of WAP and GPRS, and I think WAP is 9.6 kbps, but I don’t know what speed GPRS is, or what other mobile internet services there are. I’m also interested in what each of these can view – WAP, and I think GPRS, can only be used to view WML pages. Are there any mobile internet services which can access all of the internet, not just specially written pages?

If you have any questions about my question, please message me before answering.

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3 Responses to “What are the different mobile phone internet connections, and what speeds are they?”

  1. Kyle W said:

    well internet speed for a computer is 12 mbps and for and phones are like low speed because they are a little device

  2. bobby t said:

    3G phones hit a standard rate of 386kbps, which is considered “broadband” speed. Thing is, because the images/files are generally very small in file size on a mobile, despite 3G speed falling well short of the 1MB “broadband speed”, it makes up for it due to the small file sizes.

    2G phones can take advantage of HSCSD which offers data speeds of 57.6 kbit/s.

    Obviously the busier the network, the slower your connection and vice versa.

    The fastest mobile phone internet connections by far is 3G. If you are serious about using the internet on a mobile phone, then you should ONLY consider 3G mobiles.

  3. Bmoors said:

    Well there’s:

    GSM as used by WAP services connecting at approx 9.6kb/s

    GPRS as used by WAP and some HTML sites depending on browser, phone, network service etc, connecting at approx 56kb/s

    CDMA2000 1xRTT as used in many Asian countries connecting at approx 144kb/s

    EDGE connects at approx 236 kb/s

    UMTS which is handles all of the above plus more again dependent on specifications. This connects at approx 384kb/s

    HSDPA which currently maxes out at approx 14Mb/s but recent developments have seen this rise to over 40Mb/s.

    There are many others but these are some of the more well known.

    FYI: WAP is the name of the addressing protocol used to connect internet servers to the earlier mobile phones or those that can only use 2G (GSM) technologies. It’s a bit like WWW but for old phones. It’s not actually a data services like the above examples.

    Hope this helps.


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