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How can I speed up my dial-up connection ?

If you still have a dial-up connection, instead of a DSL or cable Internet, you still have hope of increasing the speed of your online surfing experience. In order to keep up with a fast-paced cyberspace and keep up with the information being shared on the internet on a daily basis even if you only have a dial-up connection, you need to follow this useful guide. All you need is a quality landline and the tech support number of your phone company. You can see their contact information listed on your phone bill.

The first thing you need to do is check if your modem is installed properly. You can determine if your modem is working by calling your ISP just for testing. Make sure that your phone line is in good working condition by checking the line connecting your computer to the phone outlet. You should also check the phone outlet to the main pole. To check your phone line, test it by plugging a corded phone into it. If you hear static or noise, call your phone company and speak to the tech support on how you can resolve the problem.

The next thing you have to do is ensure your software is updated. Check the latest firmware for your modem and go to the manufacturer’s website to download the latest firmware without spending a cent. Once your modem is upgraded, you should now check the modem speed your computer is set to run by browsing through the control panel and going to modems>properties. Most of the time, the modem speed is only set to default, which is half of its potential speed. All you have to do is increase the speed up to the maximum.

Another effective way of speeding up your dial-up connection is by checking the connection tab and making sure the “hardware RTS/CTS” is selected and the “use flow control” option is checked. Once everything is set, try out your connection and experience a faster web surfing compared to before. While this would not replace the speed of DSL or cable connections, the increase in speed can really help whether you’re just doing research, checking mails, watching videos and other demanding tasks that require fast Internet connection.

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