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How do i connect to the internet on my laptop using my mobile?

I have a pay as you go phone with vodafone.
My laptop has wireless internet capabilities on it but i dont have connection.

Can i use my mobile?

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6 Responses to “How do i connect to the internet on my laptop using my mobile?”

  1. gwcrisps said :

    use a compatible USB cable, which should come with phone.

  2. Robert Miller 95670 said :

    Your phone provider and phone has to support data to surf the net.
    You would have to ge a special card like the below to be mobile. at fast speeds.

  3. AnarkAtPlay said :

    I pulled up vodafones web site and it says that you can teather your phone to your laptop if you are a pay as you go customer, but it will cost you, here is a link to there website where i found the info.

  4. arun kumar said :

    Yes u can use your moblie….
    First contact your mobile network and make the GPRS(Global Postioning Radio Service) and connect ur mobile by means of datacable or bluetooth and internet in ur laptop…

  5. beejay said :

    Your phone company should supply you with phone a cable to connect the phone and your laptop. Then with a software to dail to their network. More like a dial up connection.

    Please seek your phone company customer support for help on this. moreover you should be able to use your mobile connect with your laptop to get internet access.

  6. Armida Logins said :

    I have to say I think you are one of my favorite bloggers.


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