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What is wireless internet access ?

Wireless Internet Access, as its name suggests, is a LAN (local area network) that runs through radio waves, instead of wires. also known as ‘hot spot’, a wireless internet access is broadcasted from a hard-wired device called a central hub, which is responsible for bringing in the Internet connection. The central hub, located in a server, broadcasts the connection to anyone equipped with a wireless LAN card within the range of the server.

When installed at home, a desktop system with wireless internet access can broadcast Internet connectivity within the immediate area, so any house member with a computer in any of the rooms can be able to connect to the Internet wirelessly by sharing the main connection. Typically, neighbors could also share your wireless connection, making it important to set password security for your wireless LANs. With passwords, users cannot get access to the Internet without supplying the proper password.

Although this kind of internet access is convenient at home, it is more effective in a workplace because it offers an inexpensive alternative to a wired network. In addition, setting up a wireless internet access by installing cables through ceilings, walls and floors throughout the building is not necessary. Wireless LANs can be installed in minutes without having to go through renovations. In addition, it provides faster data transfer speeds, which is vital to a computer-run business.

The most popular use of wireless internet access is seen in public hot spots like internet cafes and coffee shops, where anyone with a LAN-enabled laptop, PDAs and mobile phones could access the internet. Some establishments provide free wireless Internet access, while others charge a minimum fee. While some localities offer wireless internet access without charge, be aware that these radio waves can only reach a limited distance. Meaning, the further you are from the hub, the weaker the signal you may receive.

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