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How do you install anti-virus software if you already have a virus?

I re-installed Windows XP yesterday and did not have anti-virus software. Now I have this rouge anti-virus thing (Personal Protector) which is preventing me from going into Safe Mode as well as downloading AVG. Is there a way to fool this thing into letting me download something to get rid of it?

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8 Responses to “How do you install anti-virus software if you already have a virus?”

  1. sandy said :

    Viruses are invasive programs that attach themselves to other files (usually email), then copy themselves and spread through your computer. Viruses can slow down your computer and lock up applications. Your computer may shut down or restart on its own, or perform other unwanted tasks. Some types of viruses (like spyware and malware) are more dangerous. Hackers design these programs to cause damage, such as deleting files on your hard drive. Some compromise your privacy by tracking which websites you visit or stealing your passwords. You also may be flooded with ad pop-ups or redirected to unwanted websites. If your computer is slowing down or performing erratically, it is already infected. You need to know some ways to fix the problem fast.

    You can install antivirus in your system if there is virus already present in your computer……….
    just follow the steps:
    #Step 1
    Research your options online. Follow the link in Resources to reviews of hundreds of free and commercial antivirus software programs. This site uses a five-star system to grade the latest version of each program. It also lists that total number of user downloads per program, and has a link that lets you immediately download the software you want.
    #Step 2
    If you are choosing free software, click on the link provided. Select “Run” to start the download and follow the rest of the instructions. Fill out the optional registration information and finish the installation process. This should take less than 3 minutes.
    #Step 3
    If you have decided to buy an antivirus software package, click on the link provided. You will be given the option to pay either through PayPal or with a credit card. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you listed in the billing information.
    #Step 4
    Follow the downloading instructions in Step 2.
    #Step 5
    If you buy an antivirus software package from a store, insert the CD and follow the disc’s downloading instructions.
    #Step 6
    Watch for the antivirus software to place a shortcut icon on your desktop. Double-click to open it and familiarize yourself with the program’s interface.
    #Step 7
    Look for a “Start scan” feature on the screen; click it to begin the procedure. A full system scan can take an hour or more. After the scan, the antivirus software creates a report listing the number of files and programs scanned, how many were infected, what type of viruses were found and what you need to do about it. Most programs automatically quarantine or delete the offenders. Occasionally, you will be alerted to complete an action.
    #Step 8
    Set up your new antivirus software to perform a weekly scan, preferably at night or while you are away.

  2. pyromonkey8080 said :

    I wasn’t going to answer this, but my half-attempt at an answer is still better than sandy’s above. Do not follow it, its copy pasta from a web site somewhere.

    Look at:

    Honestly, if you just reinstalled windows XP yesterday, it may be easier to just reinstall it again, in my humble opinion. Then you don’t have to worry about missing bits here and there.

  3. Nocturn Helper said :

    Download it from a friend`s computer, if you are looking for a free, i would suggest avira. Transfer it to your computer and then update it. Then scan. If it is a malware, download malwarebytes and try in the same way. Hope it helped.

  4. Egore said :
  5. Double R said :

    Read and follow instructions and do each step given:
    Personal Protector Removal Guide-

    Microsoft How To Get Rid of Malware:

  6. tempo1 said :

    Just re-install XP, but this time the very first thing that you must do is verify that Windows Firewall is “on”. Then the 2nd thing you must do is to go to Windows update and get all Windows Updates up to and including Service Pack 3 (SP3). This is why your recently re-installed XP got infected so quickly! An un-updated and unpatched XP machine is a malware magnet!

    To access Windows Update, open Internet Explorer and click Tools then Windows update….You will likely need to keep going back to Windows Updates several times, until you get up to SP3. Keep going back! Its gonna take a while.

    Only once your firewall is on and you have a fully patched and updated Windows will it be safe to venture out on the internet to install anti-virus software!

    But AVG is a poor solution with low virus detection rate and no anti-rootkit protection.

    For your Anti-Virus……I would suggest Avast. Avast now includes anti-virus, some anti-spyware capability and anti-rootkit components. And all for the low low price of free. You can get it here:

  7. jackal said :

    why don’t you remove personal protector first and then install some security programs to protect your computer? here’s how you can delete personal protector

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