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How do you get rid of a computer virus if you cant download or install anti-virus software?

Im trying to help a friend remove a virus from his computer, but if he tries to go to a anti-virus software site to download software it sends him to another site that he did not want. So therefore he can not download the software. Also when he tries to install the software from a disk it will not let him install it, all problems do to the virus. Can anyone tell me step by step how to remove the virus if I can not do a download or install anti-virus software?

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7 Responses to “How do you get rid of a computer virus if you cant download or install anti-virus software?”

  1. RUReady said:

    This is not a difficult process. Click on the first link below and choose save. Save the file to your desktop for convenience. Click on the icon and let rkill run. This should end the process of the malware allowing you to download Malwarebytes from the second link. Update and choose quick scan of MBAM.*

  2. TaKe.Me.DoWn?_Try.iT! said:

    Use a rescue CD.
    I recommend getting BitDefender rescue CD.

    Download an burn the ISO to a CD using an ISO burner.
    Bootup from it and remove the viruses.


  3. L S said:

    You try using Safe Mode with Networking (the with Networking bit lets you get on the internet) and if that doesn’t work, download them on another computer to a flash drive and then take the files to the infected computer. If possible, write-protect the flash drive before putting it into the infected computer.

    Here’s a guide for good programs and procedures:

  4. tim g said:

    buy a security cd.

  5. Masa said:

    for a anti-virus try using avast, both free, for a anti-malware program use malwarebytes anti-malware, free also, a very good program that is light on the pc as well.

    Read more.

  6. Britnicole said:

    For this technique, you’ll need either a CD or a flash drive and a non-infected computer.

    Before starting this, install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on the non-infected computer, then save the files on your flashdrive or CD.

    1) Reboot the computer in safe mode (assuming he has windows – when you first turn on the computer, keep pressing F8 until the menu pops up. Use the arrow keys to select the option “Safe Mode with Networking”, then press enter).

    2) Go to, and download the anti-malware program. When the dialogue box comes up, save the program to your desktop.

    3) Run the install. Don’t run the program itself, just install it.

    4) Put in your flashdrive or CD, go to “My Computer,” then look for your flashdrive or CD under that. Click on it.

    5) Go to the Malwarebytes AntiMalware folder. Click it to open it.

    6) When the folder opens, look for a file that says mbam. Click it.

    7) The Anti-Malware should now run. Click Full Scan and allow the scanner to run. DO NOT USE THE COMPUTER WHILE THE SCAN IS RUNNING. Keep in mind that it could take a while.

    8) Once the scan is complete, follow the instructions onscreen to get rid of any infected files. The program will ask you to restart – click yes.

    9) Do not take out your flashdrive. Simply restart the computer as you normally would (as in, don’t go back into safe mode).

    10) Run Malwarebytes again using the same method above. If you want to do another full scan, you can, or you can just do a quick scan.

    11) If Malwarebytes finds anything, it will notify you and you will have to restart the computer again if it prompts you to.

    This is the same method I used to get rid of Your PC Protector, and it worked just fine for me. Let me know if it works for you.

  7. Rickie said:

    Unlike Unix system like Mac OS Snow Leopard or Linux that relies on powerful permissions that even if you download a virus it is totally harmless because it cannot be executed Microsoft Windows offer no such features. In Windows ANYBODY with an administrative account can install software, remove apps, actually delete other profiles that is very convienient but security is mediocre.

    Any virus or spyware adware malware that comes from the Internet is automatically executed with some or no warnings and will actually tamper with your registry. UNLESS the antivirus immediately delete or quarantine the virus little can be done and EVEN if you removed virus it would most possibly still be active as your registry have been damage.

    There is LITTLE option but to REINSTALL Windows. Once day you may consider a mac or linux for better security and virus free environment



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