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Where can I download free Anti-virus software?

I need some good websites where can I download anti-virus software for free!
—Thanks a lot for those who have answered—-

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6 Responses to “Where can I download free Anti-virus software?”

  1. rocky said :

    They have many Anti-Virus programs offered there, they have a section just for such things. The most popular downloads on the website happen to be Anti-Virus programs as well.

  2. Josh said :

    Use Avira or Avast for anti-virus
    Superantispyware for your spyware protection and throw Malwarebytes in there just for good measures

    Avira >

    Avast >

    Superantispyware >

    Malwarebytes >

  3. Mohit Bangre said : Is A Good Opion You Download Anything Upto 200 MB As A Free User.You Should Try Avast And Enter This Key: C4651909R9999E1135-HDBUJZ1B You Will Get Protection For 3013 Days It Is A Free Anti Virus

  4. Michael said :

    Hi has some good safe ones you can download. I use AVG.

  5. SilverSprinter said :


    Google search “AVG”

    Click the first link that comes up and download the free version

    And then search “Spybot,” click the appropriate link and download that.

    Good luck

  6. harry lisader said :

    you can scan easliy in symantec or go to Norton internet security
    if it will not come go to spyware(i think its free)
    so if you want more go to


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