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What is the best anti-virus/anti-spyware security package for my computer?

I would like something that doesn’t slow my computer down too much and that is easy to use.

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33 Responses to “What is the best anti-virus/anti-spyware security package for my computer?”

  1. doyler78 said :

    avg is easy to use as it will run automatically each day and only annoy you if it finds a problem.

    Spyware is a little more complicated in that I have found no one package which catches everything however two together can be very effective and I recommend Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware.

    As for not slowing your computer down well I am afraid this is going to happen. I have a very fast computer and mine slows. It is the nature of the software that it will use what resources the computer has available to allow the task to complete as quickly as possible. Best thing to do is schedule anti-virus to run when you are not using the computer ie when you are at work, gone shopping, etc.

  2. bhiravi k said :

    Symantec is the best antivirus.
    If you are windows try windows Defender for spyware

  3. Janice Tee said :
  4. erwin said :

    PC CiLLin’s Trend Micro….

  5. lexel & lexel said :

    Kasperski… the best I ever tested.

  6. VIDYANAND A S said :

    McAfee or Symentec

  7. Lenin said :

    PC-Cillin is best..not free..u can download a 30day evaluation copy from the link below..and use a crack after 30 days..for help on how to crack pc cillin, type “crack pc cillin” in google..

  8. GLH (male 47 UK) said :

    No single anti virus program is perfect. A friend’s PC was hacked several months ago and several viruses left on his PC. We ran three different scan programs on it and each found different viruses! I use an installed programmed and regularly run a free online scan as a back-up

    Free online scans:-
    Trend Micro Housecall: (this was actually the best but it takes a long time and does slow the PC)
    Bit Defender (faster but less comprehensive)

    As for an installed program:-
    *AVG is good
    *PC-Cillin is good (this is the installed version of the Trend Micro online scanner)
    *Symantec (Norton Anti Virus) is fairly good but slows the PC a bit and some PCs I have used started doing strange things with Norton (like crashing!)
    *McAfee is fairly good but several viruses got by McAfee on my friend’s PC. The worst part of McAfee is that their customer service is AWFUL – renewing your annual definitions or asking a question is appalling – their staff are totally indifferent to your problems as long as you have paid them your cash!

  9. -^-Smooth C-^- said :

    i had symantec for 2 years and got a virus like every month, then i went to mcafee and haven’t had a problem for over a year now. i am definitely happier with mcafee.

  10. strikbox1986 said :

    you try antivuris zone alarme

  11. Theluckyhedgehog said :

    Hi Baby

    If you have SP2 installed onto your PC just get AVG free download it from

    Glad to help you.

  12. Benjamin F said :

    AVG Anti virus.

    it detecteded things that Norton,McAfee and PC-cillin missed

    Its free too..

  13. essexfriendly said :

    AVG or avast anti virus,
    zone alarm or sygate firwall
    ad-aware and spybot

    if you want a complete package already made, you will have to go for something like nortons, but nortons is a real resource hog and I wouldn’t recommend it

  14. Hassham said :

    best answer –

    dear member,
    for high and fast performance there are some anti virus that are made only for low speedy pcs like urs just go fo AVG free edition its cool and more do secure ur pc please try it and in the spywares i can tell u addware SE will be the best

  15. the_count_of_basie said :

    I lean toward Kaspersky too, at least for anti-virus…good as Symantec is, it will slow your computer down (at least during a scan)…also Zone Alarm’s suite is pretty good, and includes their excellent firewall as well. Bit Defender is a great (and fast) antivirus program…you can have more than one antispy program running, and I do recommend the Ad-Aware/Spybot combination (make sure you use the advanced mode in Spybot and set up Tea Timer…that’s the resident program)

  16. Kim J said :

    I have used Norton AV and especially their utilities with satisfactional protection, but it is a little heavy. If you want something light and are a private user I recommend AVG, they have a free edition which is easy to use. Check it out at

  17. Lynda H said :

    I’ve always set up my computers with 3 programs:
    1. Anti-virus AVG free – as long as it’s at home.
    2. Spybot for spyware control + Spyware Blaster
    3. Zonealarm for firewall etc

    Then for anti-spam, if your ISP’s isn’t very good for you, try Mailwasher.

    These all run very happily together.

    I also occasionally use NoAdware.

    Some other programs I love are Crazybrowser instead of Internet Explorer and Roboform for all those passwords.

    Other than Roboform, you only ned to pay for Spybot by a on-eoff donation of your choosing as the others are free – with some limitations.

    They can all be found by searching.

  18. ALLAN W said :

    Norton anti-virus is very good. Mine is provided by BT and I have not noticed any slowing down. I have been advised by some one that fixes computers for a living that Panda is very good. This can be downloaded from It appears it will allow you to use it on up to three PC’s.

  19. jonbeckett73 said :

    Everybody has an opinion on this question.

    There is no “best” – it’s a moving target. Many of the big names are available in evaluation versions, so it may be worth trying out several of them to see which suits you best.

    AVG is free, as is AVAST.

  20. Hardrock said :

    Norton Antivirus is awesome. =)

  21. beer_farts said :
  22. Siu02rk said :

    AVG/Windows Firewall/Windows Defender

    Best protection for the home PC and its all free 🙂

  23. Mojtaba N said :

    I used norton,Avg,mcafee,zone alarm,pc cillin,kaspersky in 4 years and now I have kaspersky internet security 2006 cuz it doesn’t slow down ur PC and the 1st in updates and rank 2 in antivirus reviews.but if u don’t need a professional program I reccomend u AVG cuz it is free and good.for the best protection use and mcafee are huge names and nice but slows down ur system.good luck

  24. frances said :

    I asked the same question yesterday and got fab answers, I found that is great I was advised to download an ‘ad-ware removal + an antispyware but you should also go to this has a free registery cleaner programme which fixes problems that we dont normally do
    spyware blaster stops any more unwanted programmes
    I did these yesterday and my computer is fast and clean

  25. xovinz_nop said :

    I use mcafe antivirus 2006 it comes with sparmkiller, virus scan, antispyware, internet security, privacy service etc, it’s very good and the subcription is for two years unlike norton that expires within a year!

  26. farzad said :

    Use Norton Antivirus. It is the best. Though McAffee is also a good choice.
    For spyware, ZoneAlarm which is a firewall has also a very good spyware. Spyroot spy sweeper is also a good choice for the ant-spyware stuff. Either Yahoo! Toolbar has a very good anti-spyware. And it is free. You can use it. Download Yahoo! Toolbar and use it. 😀

  27. good.firefox said :

    hi, perhaps you can try Norton to remove the virus. but you need to pay for the software.

    i recommand you to use firefox with Google toolbar. firefox can disable all virus to run, because the virus can only run on IE.

    besides, firefox can block any any poppus and disable any virus and adware, spyware on webpage, so, firefox is much safer than IE. as you know, most of the virus is spread throught internet and webpage.

    firefox is much smaller than IE, so i run faster than IE.

    download firefox for free:

    Best Wishes && Good Luck!

  28. the knitter said :

    I use Norton Internet Security which up to now has kept all virus outbreaks at bay. Also easy to use once loaded onto P.C.
    For Spy-ware try Ad-Aware SE personal, this is free for home use and is very easy to use.
    But any package you buy or download will only be as good as your last update. As new virus / spy-ware programs crop up all the time. YOU MUST UPDATE WEEKLY.

  29. Diaboyos said :
  30. yorkshireman_andy_newton said :

    McAfee will just sit in the back ground and updates when you are online.

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