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How can I find an anti-virus program for my 98 Windows system?

My current anti-virus AVG program will expire soon, but when I try to renew it, I get a message that 98SE and lower are not supported. I’ve checked other programs and they seem to say the same thing.

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7 Responses to “How can I find an anti-virus program for my 98 Windows system?”

  1. mohamed el amine said:

    doctor northon

  2. nathsafc said:

    try buying a new computer

  3. Helping Since 1969 said:

    Windows 98 is not supported by anyone anymore…..its 2009, in case you were unaware, an operating system that was created and released when usb was still an idea, wireless was a fantasy, and having more than 512 Mbps for memory was a pipe-dream; not to mention the largest of the large hard drives was a whopping 40GBs…..seems to be a little outdated, and time to upgrade your operating system.

  4. Andrew B said:

    Avast Home Free

    I see Avast’s little blue sphere in a lot of system trays, and with good reason: it’s one of the most recommended free Windows antivirus options. One nice thing about Avast is that the installer only installs the antivirus program – there’s no toolbar or anything else to dodge. Definitions update automatically, scans can be scheduled, and the boot-time scan tool does a good job at uprooting even stubborn infections.

    You do need to register for a product key, though Avast will never email you anything other than the confirmation message.

    AVG Free

    AVG has been a popular free antivirus option for Windows users for a number of years. It provides solid protection against viruses and other malware, and there’s no registration required. Virus definition updates are automatic, and scheduled scanning is supported. Version 8 ships with the optional AVG Security Toolbar, which may be a good idea for some users. It provides security ratings for known websites and provides a little added protection in your browser – a place some users desperately need it.

    Be sure to watch for the toolbar install and opt out if you don’t want it. Also pay attention on the download page: free link on the left, TrialPay on the right.

    Hope it helps you. Want online support for it you can have here

  5. roadtrain02 said:

    I’d upgrade to XP if I was you as most anti-virus software won’t support Win 98SE anymore.
    If you have mate that’s running XP, get the disk of him and install it that way…you didn’t hear that from me!

  6. LesYeux9 said:

    Yeah, like the others said – it’s time to upgrade your computer.
    (Don’t worry, you’ll be able to transfer over all your important files and documents)

  7. Guyintheworld said:

    try to download a older version of escan prf Version 9 and install it to win98. It will work


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