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How can I get a free anti-virus program?

My stupid sister got rid of whatever I used to have, and put a Norton 90 day free trial on there. Now I have no anti-virus! How do I get a free one, that will not expire?

I have XP.

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9 Responses to “How can I get a free anti-virus program?”

  1. XD ninja said :

    you can go to mcafee!

  2. Danny Cruzy said :

    Avast or AVG Anti-Virus

  3. HazMat said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials

  4. kerry said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials. Free to download and use.

  5. ranger_co_1_75 said :

    Windows Defender is part of windows XP. Run the locate program if you can’t find it on the control panel site. Activate it.

    Then set your Automatic Update feature to Automatic Download and Install. The next time your pc updates, it will download and install Microsoft Security Essentials, and remove Windows Defender from your Operating System.

    MSE is a microsoft program to protect Windows and other Microsoft programs from Virus & Malware and other threats. It will not protect non-microsoft programs from infection. For protection of non Microsoft programs, you will need a commercial virus scanner.

    Once a month MSE will download new virus protections and keep your microsoft programs free of corruption.

    For a free virus and spyware protection program, go to and get a free copy of Adware 2011. It is the number one used free Virus Scanner.

  6. Kristin Disooza said :

    Avast is good antivirus go for it.

  7. Wood Knight said :
  8. Garry Hamilton said :

    go to and on the downloads page search for avast free anti virus there is also other great anti virus programes on this site but avast is the best

  9. Hanna Koeller said :

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