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Anyone know any good free anti-virus and anti-spam protectors?

I want a free and good anti-virus or anti-spam protector for my computer. I have a dell vista. I love it! But my McAfree ran out and I dont know if I can still use that? Or if I must get a new one? If, so which free one should I get?

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9 Responses to “Anyone know any good free anti-virus and anti-spam protectors?”

  1. abdul_sma said :

    Install Spybot – Search & Destroy…Its free and very good

  2. Alex said :

    Avast! Anti-Virus is excellent, all my family use it and it’s free. and hover over the “Free software” link. Install the Home edition and you’re all set.

    In response to the first question, Spybot is very good but I wouldn’t have that on it’s own, back-up from an anti-virus means you’re doubly protected.

  3. Yankey said :


  4. DyOhR said :

    Viper, it is an anti-virus + anti-spyware software.. It has a free evaluation of 15 days… it is a really good software, but it has an expiration… you can uninstall it when it expires and download it again and get the free evaluation(update it again)… I tell you, its a good anti-virus + anti-spyware software… it cleanses all the viruses in your computer..

  5. Shane T - said :

    I use the following for anti-virus
    Avira Free Edition
    AVG Free…

    I use the following for spyware protection

    AdAware Free
    There are many options, a lot is personnel preference, however, I have great success with these.

    Email me if you need more assistance.


  6. Koushik said :

    According to me it is best to use Quick Heal 2009 Total Security and you should use Zone Alarm as a Firewall.

    So download it from their respective websites or search it in google.

  7. Sham said :

    PLEASE LISTEN MY ADVISE !!! INSTALL AVAST ITS THE BEST .WITH avast its impossible to pick a virus coz avast do all time continue SCANNING and eliminate a virus if he find . Also u have avast licensees free for one year . But don’t afraid no problem there is a Little trick u can uninstall your avast antivirus some days before ur last date . in this way u can get avast for one year more .

  8. jean ann j said :

    You can see in this why you need anti virus.

    There is a good firewall in there, zonealarm. If you click zonealarm, then put your arrow on zonealarm product then click compare products, you can get to the free zonealarm. This blocks hackers and other vicious thins that try to get into your computer.

    Click options on top of your email and you can find spam guard.

    The anti viruses in the web site above are not free. This is a
    good free one. Safe to go into.

    I noticed avast works for dell.

  9. geek4ever said :

    you can scan as well as clean your system through eScan free toolkit utility. there is a free trial also available on the website. (
    I have been using eScan for 3 years works well 🙂


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