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Does anyone know any good free anti-virus software, and I’m not talking Mcafee or Avast!?

I’m looking for some free anti-virus for a while before i can afford anything worth the money. Anyone know where to download anything? Must be reliable, and virus free. Something like iolo System Mechanic. Thanks!

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8 Responses to “Does anyone know any good free anti-virus software, and I’m not talking Mcafee or Avast!?”

  1. Kool Karthik said:

    Kaspersky is the best buy, AVG is a reliable free Antivirus.

  2. TehTom said:

    Hmm, not Mcafee or Avast..

    AVG? 😀

    Download it here:

  3. said:

    Avira AntiVir free has about the best detection rate you can get and it’s pretty fast too. The only con is that it displays a pop up ad when it updates itself, although that’s easy enough to disable =)

  4. JuliusCaesar said:

    I have McAfee, which comes free if you have a Comcast email account. I think that a very good anti malware and anti virus programme is Malware Bytes Anti Malware. It runs scans quickly, it is free, it doesn’t take up much memory, and it is very easy to use. Just make sure you update it. Another good one is SpyBot Search and Destroy. It is also free, and quite effective. What type of anti virus you get depends on what type of problems you have/ might have. I hope this helps!

  5. John W said:

    Ive used Avira for years and its great!!

  6. Jan S said:

    Anti virus and firewall pro


    Avira Antivir;photoPromoMain

    together with

    Zone Alarm Firewall Free

    Threatfire is an anti virus, that can be installed next to any other anti virus program on the same computer

    This is a very good program, that completely runs in the background

  7. mc2817 said:

    Get the best free anti-virus, fast and reliable, no computer slow down, fast startup

  8. Helpful Dan said:

    I really think from over 8 years of using AVG Free anti-virus I can say it is the best anti-virus software.

    I give it 10/10… and so easy to install, and runs without slowing your computer down like the others.


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