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Anyone know any good anti-virus computer softwares I can download?

My comp has a virus in it so I need a good anti-virus software to download. But I don’t wanna pay for it. Anyone know of any?

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2 Responses to “Anyone know any good anti-virus computer softwares I can download?”

  1. Michael F said :

    Before you try to install any anti-virus ,you need to use a computer without a virus to find out how to remove your virus .Then choose a good program to protect your system,as far as which is the better one ,that comes to a debate that most people will argue .Just get one that will suit your needs

  2. Jan S said :

    Anti virus and firewall pro


    Avira Antivir;photoPromoMain

    together with

    Zone Alarm Firewall Free
    PC Tools Firewall Plus

    Threatfire is an anti virus, that can be installed next to any other anti virus program on the same computer


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