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Do any one know a free anti-virus and anti-spam for laptop?

I wanted to know that if anyone know if their is a site that I can get a free anit-virus and software download for laptop(mine is a toshiba)? I don’t like to waste money on the disc in best buy or any other store, in some disc they only lasted 1 or 2 years. I don’t like to pay for a site that say free anti-virus and anti-spam, and later you have to pay for the download!!

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10 Responses to “Do any one know a free anti-virus and anti-spam for laptop?”

  1. Chris aka Master860 said :

    I have provided a few links on very good free anti virus i use myself i hope this helps your problem.

  2. FutureFailure said :
  3. MrZip said :
    avira-antivus is a good one,look around the site and you will find all types of programs/avg/avast/ are a few

  4. mattiew said :

    this is from an answer from one of my old posts, but its valid for this.

    Kaspersky is a good antivirus, but the best one based upon performance tests is Nod32. however, there are otherways to get antivirus and security from spyware spam and hacking, and I would reccomend on getting a good free antivirus.

    Avast! antivirus free is an excellent solution to do the job of protecting a computer from anti-virus and spyware. as for spam, I would recommend getting a gmail account. But Avast! does come with an Outlook and inbound, outbound mail scanner, but i haven’t used it so I wouldn’t know.

    as for hacking, get firefox and then install the Web of Trust. Its an add-on that tells you if the site is a phishing site, a virus and malware distributer, or just bad. it will warn you from giving info out on a bad site, and will prevent you from getting infected with malware.

    I hope this helps!

    for best protection get smart security



    Web of Trust:

  5. Shortstuff13 said :

    Avast is a good one! My computer tech downloaded it onto my Dell desktop, & I didn’t pay a cent.

  6. Aquamarine Blue Beauty said :
  7. James said :

    Avira and Spam Fighter, both free. Don’t listen to CannyL, as he first link to RNsafe is a known virus site, but the second one is good.

  8. Carlos Ch said :

    First of all, Hi!

    I recommend you Avast antivirus and Ad-aware antispyware.

    Link to download Avast antivirus:

    Link to download Ad-aware:

    All those stuff are free for home user.

    Excuse me for my poor English.

    Best regard
    Carlos 🙂

  9. fatehate said :

    avira antivir have best detection( with sound detection) its free,also use zone alarm,spywaredoctor.

  10. miam said :

    Get the best free anti-virus, fast and reliable, no computer slow down, fast startup


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