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What seo techniques can I use on my website ?

There are two known ways of increasing website traffic and monetizing your site – pay per click advertising and natural SEO. If you have plenty of money to spend, you can pay your way up to the top of the search engines, but if you’re on a budget, search engine optimization can help attract visitors to your website without spending a cent. Here are some seo techniques you can use:

1) Make your website user-friendly – When developing your website, make sure you create it with your visitors in mind. When you create a user-friendly page, it attracts people, which click through your site. Each click makes you money, so search engines would rank your site higher. To ensure search engine and user readability, use text instead of images because search engines cannot index images. If you plan to use images, make sure to give them descriptions.

2) Use keywords – As a website owner, imagine yourself as an ordinary person searching for a product or services. If your website sells Nike shoes, anticipate what words or phrases your target audience may use in search engines, such as Nike Air or Nike Xoom. Some PPC services like Yahoo! Search Marketing and Google AdWords provide free keyword suggestion tools to determine which words ordinary people worldwide use more often.

3) Keep good site navigation – Search engines like Yahoo and Google track the duration between the clicks of visitors and the time they stay on a particular website. If a visitor stays on your website long, the search engines would determine your site useful to the visitor and relevant to the keywords entered while searching, resulting in higher site ranking. Because of this, it is extremely important to create and maintain good site navigation to ensure a visitor maximizes his or her visit on your website. As long as you provide plenty of juicy information on your website and you provide clear links to other articles, then your visitor could stay longer than just the landing page.

4) Create relevant page titles and descriptions – Search engines don’t just assess your home page, it tracks down and crawls each of your website’s pages, so creating page titles and page descriptions that are relevant to the page’s content is important in adding traffic to your site. Plus, this makes it easy for users to have an idea of the contents of your page.

5) Post optimized content regularly – Nothing beats quality and well-optimized content in adding traffic to a website. Focus on a few keyword or phrases and use them in every article you add, but never overdo placing keywords as this may discourage both the visitors and the search engines and deem your site to be keyword stuffing. As long as you create user-friend and search engine friendly content regularly, traffic would come naturally.

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One Response to “What seo techniques can I use on my website ?”

  1. Business Website Builders said :

    I would also add keyword research to the list-to see what keywords your target market is using.Write great compelling content around these keywords and then start a link building campaign to ensure that your website has a good amount of incoming links.

    It has also been established that 80% of searches done on the Internet are for information purposes, meaning that content is still the number one way of getting good traffic to your website.


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