How does domain parking work ?

One of the cheapest ways to have a domain reserve is domain parking. Most web developers use this if they are planning to do later development, re-sale or web traffic. Most domain sellers and registrants offer domain parking free with the registration, as it is virtually free.

One simple page is included in a parked domain. The page will indicate that it is coming soon or under construction is the sire is intended for development. Domain parking can be annually renewed, and there’s no deadline for the site to be fully developed. If you are no longer interested on the domain, you may just want to let it expire at the end of the contract. However, this just result in a few dollars lost.

If you are planning on developing your domain, you will have to pay for hosting services at that time. The hosting service will give enough space for your website and all the necessary scripts and other services needed for your site to function. The domain is considered active and no longer parked if it already being hosted.

If your website is already running, another use of domain parking is to secure similar addresses to your main website to redirect traffic there – this is one method used by domain owners to protect their website. For instance, redirects traffic to the correct website This means that is a parked domain, which should also reside on the hosting service as the main website.

Some people utilize domain parking for the sole purpose of re-selling them. They transfer the ownership for a fee. This was very common on the start of the internet, when large companies are yet to arrive and were very much willing to pay considerable amount for their trademark names. Eventually, laws were enacted to protect trademarks; however, a parked page can still advertise a domain for sale.

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